PMHRD is governed by a Board comprised of eight individuals. Currently those individuals are:

Stephen Seftchick

Hospital Council of Western PA
A.J. Harper

Horty, Springer, & Mattern
Phil Zarone

Gary Baker

Greg Bivens

Lewistown Hospital
Ron Cowan

Punxsutawney Area Hospital
Dana Hartle


Pennsylvania Mountains Healthcare Resource Development (PMHRD) is a not-for-profit organization under Pennsylvania law, and functions as a regional health information organization.  PMHRD has been given tax-exempt status under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Pennsylvania Mountains Healthcare Alliance (PMHA) relationship to PMHRD is that of an "Other Body" as defined in the Pennsylvania Nonprofit Law, 15 Pa.C.S.A. Sec. 5103.  As an Other Body, PMHA has certain reserved powers with respect to PMHRD.  For example, PMHA must approve fundamental transactions such as amendments to the articles of incorporation of PMHRD, or the sale, merger, or dissolution of PMHRD. 

PMHRD is not exclusive to PMHA or PMHA hospitals, it may help any hospital as deemed appropriate by the PMHRD Board.   


The purpose of PMHRD is to promote the health of the community and reduce the burden on government by facilitating the exchange of electronic health information among hospitals, physicians, and others in the health care system.  PMHRD seeks to do this by:

1.   Overseeing the creation and maintenance of a fiber network that will be used for the secure exchange of electronic health information among hospitals, physicians, and others in the health care system in Pennsylvania;

2. Overseeing the creation and operation of programs involving the delivery of health services, and the associated exchange of electronic health information, via telemedicine using that fiber network; and

3.  Engaging in various other activities that support these purposes.  Also, through PMHRD, the PMHA member hospitals and other Pennsylvania hospitals can collaboratively take on projects and seek grant funding as a means of financing their initiatives related to the exchange of electronic health information.